Free download Arixcel Accounts - budgeting and accounting in Excel

Arixcel Accounts - budgeting and accounting in Excel

Arixcel Accounts is an personal accounting add-in to Excel. It allows you to monitor bank accounts
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18 January 2010

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Keeping track of accounts and finances for an individual or a business unit is a daunting task. High pressure jobs and volatile competition has contributed to the stress and lack of personal space which leaves many professionals doubtful and uninformed regarding their finances and budgets. Monitoring bank accounts and credit cards is not an easy task and requires great deal of concentration and tallying, which in turn consumes time. A personal finance manager is we all seek to manage and organize our finances and keep records as well. Arixcel Accounts 1.27 is designed especially for such tasks and responsibilities that consolidate the results too in the process.

Arixcel Accounts upon launch, opens as an excel spreadsheet with categories displayed on the screen and date wise record placed correspondingly. The interface is instinctive and user friendly making the tasks simple and easy to manage and recording and tracking their expenses on bank accounts and credit cards. Further, it facilitates monthly budgeting too with the transactions for banking and credit placed on the same sheet for easy reference. Moreover, the user is also provided the facility to import bank statements and from online website and also downloading them in OFX format. The user is free to create and manage separate categories as per convenience and discretion; the only requirement is to allocate transactions and amounts and get a clear picture of the finances. Since, the interface is identical to an excel sheet, the user does not require any technical assistance to navigate through the application.

Overall, Arixcel Accounts scores rich kudos for its automated facilities and earns a rating of four points for its impressive set up and intuitive functionalities.

Publisher's description

Arixcel Accounts is an add-in (extension) to Microsoft Excel developed by Arixcel Ltd. It's main purpose is to automate many people's task of monitoring their expenses on bank accounts and credit cards. It also provides the functionality for monthly budgeting. The main features are:
- Transactions and balances of all your bank accounts and credit card are consolidated on a single spreadsheet.
- You can import bank statements into the spreadsheet from your online banking website - by downloading and importing bank statements in the OFX (Microsoft Money) format.
- You can create different categories of income and expenses and develop your own monthly Income Statement. It could have custom subtotals such as Income after fixed living costs", etc.
- All you need to do is to allocate your transactions to categories to get a clear picture of your finances over any period of time.
- You can create budgets and monitor actual results against budgets using the same categories of expenses.
The accounting is done on a special spreadsheet in Microsoft Excel, over which you have the full control. You don't need to learn any new interface if you are familiar with Excel.
Arixcel Accounts - budgeting and accounting in Excel
Arixcel Accounts - budgeting and accounting in Excel
Version 1.27
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